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By hellohalfpenny, Jan 12 2016 09:48PM

In September of last year I made the decision to hand my notice in at my job as a Secondary school teacher. I didn't hate my job but I certainly hated the 30 mile comute and the fact that I had no time at all to put into my business. So at the end of December I finished work feeling apprehensive, excited, ambitious and also pretty exhausted from the crazy busy Christmas season Hello Halfpenny had just had!

But as I said earlier this wasn't what we had intended.

In November we were supposed to become parents for the first time. I always had in mind that when we started a family I wanted Hello Halfpenny to be my main source of income, allowing me to be at home but also focus on what is important to me creatively. But sadly that dream came to an end in July with the loss of our little boy Devan.

It's been a tough journey and one that still has it challenges, but I am very much a believer that things happen for a reason and that also you are in charge of your own attitude to happiness.

If things had been different ...

I would have never have dusted off my blowtorch and created my new silver range.

I wouldn't have had the bumper Christmas sales I had in November and December.

I wouldn't have had the courage to quit my job and focus on Hello Halfpenny.

I wouldn't have raised £500 for baby loss charities and

I wouldn't have just spent New Years in Mexico with my husband and best friends.

Is life awful sometimes? Yes. Are you allowed to take as much time as you need to deal with that? Absolutely. Do I always believe everything I have just said? Of course not.

But just know that if you are having a rough time, you will come out of the other side and things will seem brighter, I promise! <3

Here's to a happy and healthy 2016.

Lots of Halfpenny love,



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