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By hellohalfpenny, Nov 21 2017 09:10PM

If anyone was watching my Instagram stories yesterday you would have seen the making of a set of necklaces from start to finish. You saw me cutting the precious metal, shaping, soldering, reshaping, hammering, personalising, resoldering, cleaning, oxidising and polishing. All before the necklaces were attached together, packaged up with care, boxed and walked to the Post Office to be delivered.

Whilst that may seem like a lengthy process, what you didn't see was me staying up late completing admin and ordering materials, paying my monthly rent for my studio, buying new tools when they're showing signs of wear and more importantly, smiling from ear to ear everytime someone places an order with my little business!

I believe that Black Friday has it's place. Maybe you want a new sofa for the family who is coming to stay, a Playstation for a gift or a new cooker to make sure your old one doesn't conk out on Christmas Day. And in that case, absolutely hold out to see if you can bag a bargain from a big company who can afford to slash the prices (which let's be honest, are usually massively inflated anyway!)

When considering my retail prices all of the above is factored in. Offering big discounts is not. Because that isn't what buying handmade is about. Handmade is about knowing you are getting something that is made with an incredible level of care. Handmade is about supporting a family to put food on the table, pay for swimming lessons and maybe a family holiday. Handmade is about the warm feeling you get knowing you have found the perfect gift for that perfect person. Handmade is about being able to imagine the person making it (and maybe even seeing it for yourself on social media).

I realise I am probably preaching to the converted here but please don't hold out purchasing from your favourote handmade shops in the hope they may do some big reductions this weekend. The likelihood is they won't, and you may even miss the Christmas deadline if you're unlucky.

So it's a no to Black Friday from me, and a yes to suporting small businesses with fair prices all year round!

Lots of Halfpenny love,